The Student World Biennial, in the organization of the Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad, was first held in 2004. In the same year the First Biennial of Student Poster was organized, and ever since the Biennial of Poster has been held in odd years, and the Biennial of Photography in even years.

Since its beginnings in 2004, the World Biennial of Student Photography has grown into an important platform for exchange of ideas and cross-cultural encounters. Nowadays it stands as the first manifestation in the region to promote the achievements of national and international students in the field of photography. It gathers, via public competition, students’ work in one place, thus presenting a section of pedagogical practices of diverse art institutions worldwide in the form of a group exhibition.


  1. The World Biennial of Student Photography is open to all undergraduate and graduate students of academies and colleges where the discipline of photography is part of the curriculum.
  2. Theme: there is no prescribed theme to the competition; we welcome all subjects and themes realized within the study program. All photographs must represent the student’s original work created as part of photographic practice at their educational institution, which is verified in application form.
  3. All participants must be full or part-time students enrolled into an academic institution (University or College) at the time of applying for the competition.
  4. Number of works: Each student can submit up to ten (10) photographs which are done as part of academic assignment. This can be accompanied with a short description of the work in English (up to 200 words) – an artist statement.
    *If the work submitted are in the form other than traditional photography work (such as photo book, photographic installation etc.), please send both the selected photographs and provide the link to the website page where the whole body of work is presented.
  5. Format: the shorter side of the image should not exceed 35cm, 300 dpi sRGB, JPG or PDF. The files should not exceed 10 MB per image. The name of the photography files must contain the name and surname of the student. For example if student’s name is Johann Strauss the file name should be Johann Strauss 1.jpg, Johann Strauss 2.jpg, Johann Strauss 3.jpg.
  6. Technique: There are no limitations on techniques or realization of the photographs.
  7. There is no entry fee.




The entry deadline is 27th October 2021.

All entries must be received by 27th October.
Any works received after this date will be disqualified.

All submitted works will become part of the special Biennial collection at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad and can be used in didactic and promotional purposes by both the Biennial and the Academy.

The information on the entry form will be used in the exhibition’s catalogue and other Biennial publications.

By applying to the contest, the entrants accept the terms of the Biennial exhibition organizer.

The Selection Board is entitled to reject (not to exhibit) those works that are not in agreement with the undisputed world standards on human rights to identity, nation, religion, language and the like.

The organizers of the Biennial cannot transfer rights to a third party for using and reproduction of works from the Biennial.

Preliminary and final results of the competition will be announced on website of the Student World Biennial.


The photographs will be judged by an international JURY.

The decision of the Jury will be final and the winners will be announced at the opening ceremony of the Biennial in Novi Sad (November / December 2021).


1st prize: 1000€

2nd prize: 600 €

3rd prize: 300€

3 Honourable mentions

Special prize awarded by non-government organization “Vojvodina OK” for the best student project in the national category.

All the entrants who pass the selection for the exhibition will be sent a certificate of participation by email.


The Biennial opening and awards ceremony will be held in Novi Sad in November / December 2021, and the exact date will be duly announced on the Biennial website. For any additional information, contact us at


Djure Jaksica 7
21000 Novi Sad